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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Trending?

Meal Replacement Shakes. What are they? Well, the concept and function are in the name. You’ve got a shake, usually based with milk or milk substitute, and a whole bunch of ingredients that are meant to supplement an entire meal. Therefore, of course, the ingredients should be ample nutritious, such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, oats, and grains. Some people add supplemental vitamins and proteins to their meal replacement shakes, such as powdered protein or vitamin powder. The point of the meal replacer isn’t to shed calories, but to shed unnecessary fats. Because the calories you find in shakes are typically good calories—unless, of course, you’re throwing pizza slices into your blender.

You have three vitamins that are essential to your daily-recommended diet: A, B and C. Most of these are pretty easy to find in your fruits, but what about the other things your body needs? Protein? Sometimes, people use milk, protein powder or almonds to accentuate your need for protein. Keep in mind, protein is what helps you feel fuller when you haven’t eaten as much as you’re used to. So pack it in there, but not too much! Too much protein can be a bad thing, so be sure to read labels and try not to exceed your daily-recommended load.

Potassium and Omega-3 are also pretty good things to have in your meal replacement shake. You can get potassium with a banana or two, and Omega-3 is best sourced from natural ingredients such as flax seed. Potassium keeps your joints moving smoothly, and Omega-3 keeps your brain feeling fresh. Calcium is another part of your daily diet that you should be supplementing, and sometimes when we choose soy products, we don’t get calcium. So as always, check the labels for maximum benefits from replacement meal shakes!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the vast selection of what can go into a shake and what should stay out of your shake, you’re not alone. People are often intimidated by the idea of replacing an entire meal with a simple shake, and it doesn’t have to be something so complicated. Try looking up recipes using Google. A lot of meal replacement shake recipe sites have review sections. Try reading these reviews in order to get a better idea of how you might enjoy any one recipe.

A couple of things you may need to enhance your replacement meal shakes: A cutting board and some decent cutlery. Recipes, of course. Measuring cups of all sizes. A blender. Ice. Don’t forget ice! However, if you’re not interested in watering down your shake, here’s a tip: Unpeel your bananas, stick them in a Ziploc bag, and put them in the freezer. When you put a frozen banana in the blender, it acts as an ice replacer and helps freeze your drink. Pretty neat, eh?

Try not to feel overwhelmed in general. The entire purpose, as mentioned before, of a meal replacer shake is to reduce bad food intake and increase the good stuff. So the idea is that most of this stuff is new to you and that’s okay. Try to go into it all with an open mind and don’t be afraid of trying interesting and new things. You never know what you may discover you have a love for! You can find all the best meal replacement shakes brand by visiting this website, it will help you identify which one is suited for you.

A meal replacement shake is ideal for one meal a day, not all three meals. This is because the foods you’re eating those other two meals a day need to be healthy anyway. Don’t have a meal replacer for lunch and then go eat fast food for dinner. It doesn’t work that way. Think of a shake as a meal replacer as a way of speeding up the process of your dietary restrictions. You want to eat healthy or lose a little bit of extra weight and this is one of those shortcuts that you can do so long as you do it properly. If you’re feeling lightheaded or nauseas, eat a slice of bread or something wholesome to regain your strengths. Don’t kill yourself over achieving your goals because you’ll get there. It’s just a matter of patience and time.

Meal replacement shakes are a fun and tasty way to get on a track of feeling good on the inside and looking great on the outside. You have what it takes, it’s just a matter of committing to it. Also remember to enjoy yourself, so don’t feel guilty if you throw in a little bit of Turbinado to sweeten your shake every now and then!

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