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How much does cosmelan cost?

How much does cosmelan cost?

Health practitioners in the United States offer Cosmelan at a varying cost. The cost ranges between $600 AND $900 on average but the cost of the chemical peel will also vary widely depending on the peel type you select, the living cost in your region and some other related factors.

The cost of Cosmelan may be as low as $150 for the light peel and over $6000 for the deep peels. However, you should note that the difference in price of this chemical peel is associated with the charges of the doctor offering the service.

After you have decided to undergo the chemical peel, you should also consider the other fees related to the chemical peel procedure including use of anesthesia, the use of operating room, and any hospital stay. The cost of Cosmelan may also vary depending on skills of the dermatologist who will be applying the product and your geographical location.


The cost depending on peel type

The chemical peel cost varies depending on the type. For the light chemical peels, a patient should expect a price ranging between $150 and $300 which will also vary depending on the doctor. By selecting the light chemical peels, you should be ready to go through several chemical peel procedures to get optimal results.

The medium chemical peels will generally cost around $1000 and $2000. To get optimal results with the medium chemical peels, you will have to go through the procedures after every 2 or 3 months.

The other type of chemical peel, deep chemical peel also known as the advanced or the phenol peel, is only performed once. It provides longer lasting and more dramatic results than the two lighter peels. The deep peels will cost between $2500 and $6000. The price includes the consultation fee, the anesthesia and the follow up care costs.

Chemical peel financing

There are patients who finance the entire chemical peel process while others finance a part of it. Mostly, the patients rely on financing from established healthcare lenders or from their banks. Moreover, there are many other financial institutions which offer loans to finance cosmetic procedures. Some doctors will also offer payment plans which will allow the patients to cover the cost of chemical peel with payments spread over several months.

Will your insurance cover the chemical peel costs?

No! Chemical peels are aesthetic treatments and therefore insurance policies will rarely cover them. However, an insurance policy may cover chemical peels employed with a purpose of treating precancerous growths or to improve some forms of scars. You should therefore check with your insurance provider to know whether they will cover your chemical peel cost.

The discounts the offered on the Cosmelan chemical peel

Because Cosmelan chemical peel is expensive, most dermatologists will offer discounts on the procedures. You can easily find this discounts and deals around your area with a quick search on the internet. But however, you can not benefit from the discounts in all clinics since they are limited to the clinics offering them.

Why is Cosmelan chemical peel expensive?

Generally, Cosmelan chemical peel is expensive. The cost ranges between $150 and $6000 depending on the peel type and the doctor. Cosmelan has been offering free delivery to their customers in the US and full money guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the results they get with their product.

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